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tv   [untitled]    August 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the massage to our business. and usually they park, you know, in front of the business, which is one hour and it's really -- right now. after this building is built without the parking provided for the office, we going to have, you know, have power -- we might loss some of our customer because, you know, parking hard to find and you know, they probably are giving up after looking for parking after 30 minutes. and i think that's my two major concerns. so if you will consider, thank you. >> i'm chuck lameer. >> we only allow each person to have three minutes which i believe you already have.
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but if you want to leave something there, thank you. are there any other speakerses in favor of the d.r.? >> it's a point of order. commissioners let me tell you and i'm really shocked. i'm shocked because we've got 12 tenants, low income elderly an disabled, 71 years of age who could not come here tonight and we ignore them in this whole process. if we're going to go to the ballot in november looking for $200 million to $300 million to build affordable housing that's going to go down in the fields if this commission does not take a serious look at this place. this process is ignored them. the process, the planning lly interpreted. we need to put a human face on it.
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because if the human face is ignored tonight, believe me that human face will be used as a poster child and by skeptic รถ in mass. let me assure you that in 2003 where proposition a or proposition b was going forward put by the affordable housing group it went down to the thieves. it had support from the labor and the nonprofit community. and so do not jeopardize affordable housing that's needed by ignoring the human impact here. and so i'm saying to you you need to go back and have a continuance in this case to seriously work out and not become mannequins in the mechanical in the application of the planning code. because that's what ooh's happening -- that's what happening tonight. the planning commission for some reason or other wants to hasten a decision in this case tonight. you cannot negotiate an
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agreement in three minutes. and unfortunately the project sponsor did not come forward until this afternoon when he handed the document of an agreement here. and this commission has a responsibility and obligation to the citizens of san francisco to -- pay rent of $240,000 may be unemployed. i'll be honest with you because i speak my mind. i'm shocked of what i consider an insensitivity that we want to rush a decision. a decision was already rushed by the process when the planning staff ignored 12 people living in a low income building. that cannot happen. and i'm not going to kiss anyone's rear end here commissioners regardless. i'm going to speak what's in the mind of people and will be standing throughout in the public. and so i'm saying you have into the right card at berkley
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p.h.d., electrical engineering a masters degree in physics and he showed the loss of life. 97% loss of life. fell to 50% and you should be asking and concerned about this. you suppose supposed to be humanists and not commissioners. and i speak my mind. and i'll speak my mind all over this city because people have been ignored. it's bad enough we're being ignored in washington. you have the responsibility to take the productive banner and not be inconsistent with this because you've been challenged on it. i'm finished with that speech. and believe me you haven't heard -- we didn't reach to any outreach for obvious reason because we want to give you the opportunity. we didn't do the outreach to the tenant groups. we already have contracted the randy shaw's tenderline housing
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credit, raquel fox could not make it here tonight. she was shocked when she saw this on her desk. and believe me when we do our outreach there will be an outcry on our city. why would we want to give money and waste it if we're going to ignore 12 people, the cheapest most affordable housing and the most humanistic by this property owner was treated with dignity. and i hope we get treated with dignity by this commission. >> are there any other speakers in favor of the d.r.? >> project sponsor you have five minutes. >> thank you, commissioners. i'm not so sure i can really follow that speech. won't try
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drama or fireworks. to clarify made an agreement in august 4th, 2011 with the owner of 4330 gerry. and we have been open to negotiating that agreement since then. to bring us present to the current day and what we are trying to negotiate during that break and i really appreciate your patients with us. we try very hard to do that. if we can go to the overhead, please. the d.r. requester's packet included this photograph of 4330 gerry.
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we're proposing not exactly what we submitted in writing as an agreement but we're proposing a light well of about 30 feet that would go from three feet wide to three feet nine in the front portion of the building adjacent to our stairwell. we can't go wider than that. we propose to move these two windows, these two property line windows forward and move this one back. so they're within the light well-. these windows as i'll show you in other pictures show rooms that already have windows. so we're going to be adding a window on a light well-to rooms that don't currently have any western light only from the
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light well-itself. so i'm quickly would like to show you other pictures if we can go to the computer overhead please. i have letters of support from the property owners to the rear on 7th and on 8th. i think that the idea that there is a mid block open space here is kind of problematic. the existing building is 17 feet high at the rear and it makes an l-shape building right now what we're proposeding is to simply expand that second story at the rear slightly while creating this large light well along the east side. this is the gerry corridor and
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that red band kind of shows that there isn't mid block open space in this area. the pattern of development is such that this mid block open space doesn't really serve the commercial portions of the block, the rm-3 portion of the block. and the -- this is the back of 4330 gerry. you can see the light coming in from that property line window. that's where that window is. we're proposing to relocate that so that it can actually help support the -- the unit that is closer to gerry. , the unit to the south there that needs more light. so i think that what we're proposing to do is really addressing a lot of the concerns rays, we're giving a
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lot of additional light coming in. we have lowered the building from a proposed four story to the three-story. we have a neighbor across the street that is present. we lowered the building to match the adjacent building height. that's what we intend to do you're going hear about the parking issues. we can provide parking off-sight. i'm a proud public school parent. and my son is starting lowell this year. from middle school he took the bus. it's for real. people use it. and we're going to have some parking off-sight. we're going to have light into this adjacent building. i think this is a good project and the time is right to do this now. thank you very much if you have further questions i'm here to answer them. i've asked the supporters to be very brief in what they have to say. thank you. >> speakers in speak up port or
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in favor of the project we have three minutes. i'm sorry there were no speaker cards for us to sign at the time. >> ok. thank you, commissioners. i'm william lieberman. i live across the street from the subject property. my main concern are the aesthetics of the neighborhood and the economic linalt of it. ever since i moved in i had to stare at a very derelict building. when somebody comes along and say they're going to redevelop it into a viable building, i won't have to look at that mess across from me anymore. the frustrating things have been with delays by the owner. i don't think this decision has been rushed. it's been stretched out. and if it goes much longer, i don't think that thing will ever get redeveloped because
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anybody's going to be afraid to come in and with the regulations. let me comment on a couple of things that have been mentioned so far. our building has the common area hallway that only has light wells. it only has light wells. we've never had a problem with light. we never had a problem with air circulation, mold. as far as heat goes. it's the richmond. we don't get any heat. so those aren't issues anymore. the rendering that we show here, obviously you need light to supplement what's coming in. we don't think of it as a dungeon. it has light wells. regarding parking, my understanding is that the dentist who wants to move in already has a client base that's already used to parking in another location.
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so it's not going to be a big leap of faith for parking. i've used the bust -- bus. it's not a big deal. plus, this is a transit corridor. it's a lot of public investment in something. you want to slow that up with a lot of parking. anybody who tries to put parking on that side will find there's no room for anything else. and so i'm afraid that it will just stay the way it is. more over, if you put parking in it's going to be a curve across the side walk. it makes for a lousy streetscape in an urban area. for all those reasons, i think that the project as its been developed and with that one reservation that was mentioned that it would be lowered to the height of the bui it, i think we should vote in favor of that. thank you.
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>> good everyoning, commissioners. i'm the owner of the project. i would really like to emphasize some of the things that -- the reason i've tried to build a building is i formed a foundation that's a nonprofit foundation called smiles live. and i own the san francisco chapter. it's a national foundation that -- it's a nonprofit and treat kids who cannot afford care otherwise. my thesis was access to care. and i feel as an immigrant myself who came here without anything, it's my responsibility to help kids who really are in need. so on the smile for life topic, i purchased this building a while ago. it's been a struggle for me to try to start something on the side. i have a present office at 3412
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gerry building. there's no parking. there are a lot of kids taking proper transportation and in general finding means to find a way to go get the orthodontic's office. you will excuse me but a lot of children who are underprivileged and in foster care and things like that have a very difficult time trying to get ort donic care in anything. when i went torres den si, has a line of people that are waiting. some people are not qualified for medicare. the difficulty is also when we do qualify children for our foundation, they need to get their cavities fixed. they need to get their teeth taken out. they have to go across the whole city. one of our board members is in downtown. they have to go to pediatric dentist on mission. and they have to go to go to oral surgeon in west portal. after that they end up in
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richmond. so, you know, for those kids who are disadvantaged now we're creating more obstacle to start care. my desire in this building to have a multispecialty clinic -- to have different specialists, an ort donic, an oral surgeon are -- where there's a collaboration of effort finding ease of space. i've gone above and beyond to accommodate the neighbors and we've had five neighborhood meetings. for the sake of moving the project alone, i signed a contract with a neighbor. and i said for the sake of moving along, we're going to remove the fourth floor. so we took the fourth floor off trying to be accommodating. i really appreciate your time and hope that you can support us. >> thank you.
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>> i'm a recent high school student. i leave for college next week. i've been a recipient for smile for a lifetime. i have brateses that you can see -- braces that you can see provided by the doctor. aft a big nonprofit organization and other ways through the boys & girls club, i deal with kids who do not have a lot of resources. i've had to go through different offices such as one on mission street, one on gerry street, one on sacramento street to get services for my braces when i feel like this office is created. i could go to one central location and get, you know, all of my needs taken care of. also with transportation here in san francisco in terms of how costly that may be that may
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help children such as myself, you know, get the resources better. a lot of the kids -- a lot of the patients or young people by way of that, we all catch the bus. parking will not be an issue because we all bus in. going to one location, it will make the house go to other locations around the city which i've been doing way more easier and the -- the time will be cut will get better. you know, treatment. and it would be better for the recipients of this program. i will be with him for t and i pressure it after this one location to serve all my needs instead of having to travel and bus around to go to these different places and it will help my fellow friends to get the resources they need in a timely way. thank you.
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>> good evening. commissioner. sorry to keep you wait, keep you guys so late. i'm here to speak for my peace. my name is juddy. and the last name is fauna. i'm the owner for one of the university 402 8th avenue. i purchased the unit in 1989. so i've been looking at this ugly building for the past 20-some odd years. and i'm so thrilled someone is willing to spend some money to demolish the building and construct a new outlook on our block. i just want to say that i am very happy and i'm in favor of this construction. thank you. >> hello, commissioners, my name is kayla boat. i'm 22 years old. i work for youth line part of
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shock. we're an s.s. project providing a range of services with con -- conservative use of services. i helped this nonprofit that has free access to dental care. that provides orthodontics as well as general dentist tri, things that would require -- dentistry, thing that would require surgery. it's all low income use in between the ages of 11 and 18. these are all youths who like myself would not have access to dental care. these are youths that would not be able to afford braces, getting a root canal. and these are -- you know, things that are very important that need to be addressed. so far we're in the process of treating now. unfortunately, only one are able to get here because transportation is an issue for them. having them go to a bunch of
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different places would just be a farther barrier and our goal is to give access to more use. we're trying to double the amount of youth we serve. and you know, it's all free services that we're providing. it's very important for you guys to look at this and see -- what we're bringing for these youth. otherwise the youth that you're going to be hearing from next, these are kids that need root canals, things that if they don't get treated now, can lead to them having to lose teeth. it's really, you know, they have serious kid issues. we're hoping that you would take this into consideration. thank you. >> good evening, commissioner, my name is joe paicci. i'm a licensed architect. i currently work for patterson dental. we design dental offices, all
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the specialties that dr. kalicka mentioned. what i'm here to talk about is the amount of space to correctly design and facilitate a dental office where it is perio or endo or what have you. the key to be able to correctly treat the patient the to get them in and out and make them comfortable and make sure that the dental team has the tools to do their job. the more we chop up the building and you know, the light well, there is an issue between the 3 '9" -- i could tell you from experience in designing 500 mf plus dental offices every square inch in precious to make sure that the serving community in the way that the doctor wants to serve them and make sure he can provide the best care for the children that need it.
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every square inch is precious. we just hope that you can -- that the compromise can be reached so that the project can proceed because it is a very big need in the community. i can tell you from experience on just the community side because we deal with a lot of nonprojects. we sponsor some. we help them when we can. it's unbelievable how much people are under served and have a project move forward that can help the community locally can be tremendous. again, i just wanted to say the more we cut the building down it's really going to impact the ability for the doctor to serve the community. thank you. >> any other speakers in favor? >> good everyoning, commissioners. my name is joseph langer. i've been serving this community berkley and marin in
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the capacity of a rabbi for 37 years. this case has presented one of the most challenging times of my life being that -- that joe and sherry o donahue, the kalickas, the pauls are members of my congregation. you can imagine we have a serious problem here. and i request the -- from the godfather of our congress gregs joe o donahue for permission to address my concerns here.
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i recently went to joe's home and said let's find a way to make peace here, let's find a way, a solution. i said are you making some money in this deal, joe? joe reassured me that it's not a money deal. it's about bringing light to people who have been deprived of light. i went to my friend who lives right next to our school who provided for many children and just in our school to have orthodontal care. i asked him what can you do here? we'll do anything to accommodate the lees. and i believe him. i request with the legal advisors and the powers that be and with the patience of the
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commission to find a solution to -- that it could be a win-win situation because i believe that we have honorable people here that are looking for the welfare of the community. thank you very much. >> i'm mr. william, i'm the project architect. i'm not actually here to speak for myself tonight. ms. sheryl parks the director of the planning assessment was going to read this leter or speak to you. unfortunately, she's ill. so she's asked me to read it for her tonight. dear president and onable commissioners the planning association for the richmond park was established in 1970. our purpose is to improve the way of life.
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ms. eva chow requested our presence at a preapplication meeting. i attended the preapp meeting along with another colleague. she had a representative from the jordan park neighborhood association and former supervisor jake mcgoldrich with her. park also attended another meeting between the project sponsors, ms. chow and concerned neighbors. par fines from the meetings attended that the project sponsor has been more than accommodating to the d.r. requester by reducing the building height by reducing the fourth floor, installing matching light wells, august 12th, 2011 meeting. extending the original structure and as requested by the planning department. in addition park fines of the
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proposed project would be a welcome and long overdue addition. the services the project sponsor would provide our neighborhood is unique and beneficial to our residents. we are pleased that the project sponsors and that the owner to the smile for life foundation recognized by the california legislature assembly. i ask that you approve this project with no further modifications or delays. thank you for your consideration thank you board member representative, land use committee. sheryl schultz. thank you. >> hi, good evening. i'm here to speak on behalf of joseph franks who is a 15-year-old foster youth who was awarded a smile for lifetime scholarship. i can attest to what kayla had said previously which is that
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the beneficial nature of the scholarship is something that he wouldn't have received without any kind of scholarship given to him. the ort donic care is pretty crucial. and also given his logistical situation, i think it's difficult for him to find any kind of general dentistry care near an ort donic care. so having a one stop shop so to speak will be extremely beneficial for him as he relies on metro and the generosity of his foster mom to get him where he needs to go. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, president and commissioners. my name is edward romonov and i am a


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